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Drinking a Cup Keeps Jazz Growing
Thank you for your support

Imagine making a charitable gift to a very special nonprofit organization dedicated to saving Jazz for future generations and then receiving a very cool item as a ‘thank you!!!’

For every Jazz donation, we will send you an appreciation gift of your favorite organic coffee, teas, hot chocolate and more – you choose!!


Because supporting our mission to save Jazz means so much!

Our appreciation gift of OG Organo Gold products will arrive in an elegant box that contains individual packets for a delicious cup – especially because you’re on the go.’

For example, if you select a boxed assortment of Black Coffee as a thank you gift, it will include 30 packets, which means a cup a day for a month! Just pour a packet into your cup; add hot or cold water; stir; and – best of all – enjoy!!!

Please check out the following link to see how your gift amount will translate to a special appreciation gift for your donations.

Placing your donation order for Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate or ‘other’ gift items, simply click below on the Jazz link and click to shop.

Click here: (find your country, simply click on your language. Thank you!)

  • You may want to consider weekly or monthly donation orders in advance
  • Donations from business owners who order in bulk or wholesale, please email us at [email protected] or send a fax: 786-732-4416.

Thank you in advance for drinking a cup with us! Your donation will ensure that we can continue to provide a safe space for emerging jazz artists – singers, dancers, performers, instrumentalists – who do not find support in contemporary music and contemporary society.

Jazz – a tradition that we are preserving together.

Thank you.

  • Misty
  • Erroll Garner
  • Lover Man
  • Charlie Parker